James Brandon Dillon is a deputy prosecutor in the felony division with the Lake County Prosecutor’s Office. James is very active in the practice and in the community. Currently, James serves on the Diversity Committee, Leadership Development Academy Committee, and Representative at Large for Young Lawyers Section and on the Legal Education Conclave Committee for the Indiana State Bar Association.  He is serving his second term as president of the Kimbrough Bar Association.  James works through these organizations and committees to advocate for diversity in the practice and access to justice.   He is a contributor to the Legal Education Conclave for the Indiana State Bar Association serves on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee for the National Conference of Bar Presidents for 2018 -2019. As president of the Kimbrough Bar Association, he has worked hard to partner with other bar associations and legal organizations to promote diversity in the practice.  As a member of the LDA Committee, James works to bring a diverse group of attorneys together and prepare them for leadership in the ISBA.  James advocates for young attorneys of all backgrounds to be a part of the ISBA because he understands that for the practice to be diverse tomorrow, we must begin today. James is a graduate of the ISBA Leadership Development Academy Class V. James attended Valparaiso University School of Law and was admitted to practice to practice in Fall of 2013. James is also very active with community organizations and mentoring programs aimed at the youth of Gary, Indiana, where he and his family live.